The company Lajthiza Invest sh.a. is anonymous company founded in 1999. with capital: 100% albanian. Our activity consists in manufacturing, transportation and service Import-Export.

The company “Lajthiza Invest” sh.a, established in 1999, has invested since 1996 in the North Eastern part of Albania in the axis of the National Road Shkoder-Kukes, namely in the Commune of Qafes Mali, in village Lajthize, Puke, in Production and Packing natural water .

This is a deep mountain area where the factory rises 1,200 m high while the source comes from a height of 1,600 m above sea level.

Registered Brand. Registration Number: 13186. Issued by the “General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks”.

Patent: Natural Source Water “Lajthiza”. Industrial Property.

Nr.License: LN-3104-03-2011. Released by “Ministry of Economy and Energy”. (NLC)

Code: II.1.A (1)

Country of activity: County of Shkoder, District: PUKE, B / K: Puke, Q / F: LAJTHIZE,


“Lajthiza” water is continually controlled by State bodies of Hygiene and Agencies and Consumer Protection, is certified by quality control (mandatory) HACCP and certified and controlled by (SGS) prestigious Institute “Fresenius “, Munich, Germany (complying with European standards for water resource conservation, flora conservation, site selection, technology selection and hygienic water filling by maintaining the standards of this water for consumption in the domestic market and export in the European market). Water “Lajthiza” has already affected these markets. The water quality “Lajthiza” is guaranteed by absolute filtration with bottom filters 02 Micron (2/10000 mm) without using any other technological intervention or correction that filters and interrupts the filtration process automatically (according to the color code: green, yellow, red).


Protection as well as the road that passes every point of the water through the alpine massif and reaching to the source of “Lajthizes”, provides with indisputable purity as well as unparalleled and unchanging balance as far as the content of mineral elements of this water, where the entire subtropical waterway of this water is a process that can not be accelerated, interrupted or changed. Source Water “Lajthiza” is so pure and natural that it does not need to be protected or treated in other ways. The area where the water springs is a massive coniferous (pine) and fully green beech forest, preserving this source from the contamination of external natural or man-made factors.

The Origin of Water

The whole area surrounded by mountains is dominated by Mali i Roshit, from which springs the wonderful water pouring freely in the village of Lajthize. The mountain massive 2,000 m above sea level is fed with rain and rain precipitations and melting glaciers throughout the year, creating an immense hydrogeological formation (water-carrying pond). The composition of the earth from which the water flows has a volcanic origin of black magmatic rocks. Their cargo in the depths of the earth and the sandy layers of this massif make this source a magnificent natural maximum filtration, unlikely to be rare in the world and with a natural safe exit where thousands of years have passed since this structure awesome hydrogeological take on the form of a delta (source) to this day.