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Lajthiza® Invest sh.a. is founded in 1999, has invested in a deep mountainous area in the North-East of Albania, in the village of Lajthizë, Puka, Municipality of Fushë-Arrëz with its factory for the production and packaging of natural water. Lajthiza® natural water factory was built at an altitude of 1200m above sea level, while the source water flows from a mountain massive 1600m above sea level.
This water is different from other ones due to its distinct quality and special values that ”Lajthiza”® water structure really enjoys.

Above sea level
Transport vehicles
Countries where “Lajthiza“ Water is actually exported


The company Lajthiza® Invest sh.a has a closed production cycle, from:


Lajthiza® Water implements a high-tech injection process in PET and HDPE with machines made in NESTAL T (Switzerland) and KRAUSS MAFFEI (Germany), click the link

Production lines actually are of the most advanced technology for blowing, filling, capping, and packaging processes almost all from KRONES AG (Germany), click the link

Bardi 5 Gallons Line has high water filling capacity in 19 L format, click the link

Water filtration system is an integrated 3M (USA) system, click the link


Filling process absolutely is only by gravity, directly from the source to the filters and into the bottle: without damaging the structure of the water, to any moment without the sunlight contact,  no pumps at all, no water treatment, no water correction, no water contamination due to hermetic stainless steel pipes.  This makes Lajthiza® Premium Water quality the best in markets.

Together towards to a better world

Lajthiza® Premium Water’s collaboration with Tetra Pak® makes it the first company in all of Southeast Europe to launch plant-based carton water. The Tetra Pak® line, that is a superior and advanced technology and very friendly with environment, is installed within the Lajthiza® water production plant in Lajthiza village, Puka. This production technology ensures not only modern and economical packaging so far, but also control of all stages of production. Tetra Pak® packaging maintains cold temperature longer, preserves natural organoleptic properties, protects the nutritional values ​​that water carries, and is easily recyclable. It was designed to be easy to pick up when you are on the go. Natural mineral Lajthiza® water springs from the complete virgin mountain heights and stays untouched without affecting by sunlight until it opens.

Tetra Pak® packaging has received approval from the Swedish Rheumatism Association.


Lajthiza® is the only Albanian company that is All in One. It covers 100% of the Republic of Albania. Sales, transportation, marketing are done by Lajthiza® itself.

The water transport comes directly from the Puka production factory to its warehouses in Tirana, Durres, Kavaja, and to distributors located throughout Albania.

The Lajthiza® company uses high tonnage vehicles, such as the Actros (Mercedes-Benz) Trailers.

The sale is made by Lajthiza ®itself using van type vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons, brand Mercedes – Benz.

The entire vehicle fleet consists of about 120 vans that distribute and sell the water products everywhere in Tirana, Durres, Kavaja cities as the rest carries out by Distributors, who have vans logged with the Lajthiza official logo.

Lajthiza® company exercises both forms: Pre-sales and Direct sales.

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Investment for
2019 – 2022

Considering the great demand for Lajthiza® Premium Water from both the Albanian and foreign markets, we were quite aware and sure to increase the investments as follows:

Construction of a new factory with an area of ​​60,000 m2, completely export-oriented.

A New Krones Filling Line for 0.5 liters of water with a production capacity of 50,000 bottles per hour, to meet the high demands from the local market and exports.

A New Krones Filling Line for Glass packaging with a production capacity of 20,000 bottles per hour.

A New Bardi 5 Gallons Filling Line with a capacity of 2000 cans per hour.

A New Tetra Pak Filling Line with a capacity of 7 000 packs per hour.

Construction of a Tourist Resort (Agro-Tourism Complex), as Strategic Investor, approved by the Albanian Government in 2021.